Leader Training

All adults in our pack are required to complete Youth Protection Training (YPT) and update this training every two years.  First you will need to create an account and log into the Boy Scouts of America My Scouting site. During the registration on this site you will be asked for your membership id. Don't worry this is a number that will be provided if you become a registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America  or if you take a leadership position in our Pack and can be added later.

Now that you are registered with My Scouting on the left is a link that says eLearning. Click that and then click on the Youth Protection Training to start. Once youth protection is completed make sure you print out the completion certificate at the end and turn it into the pack. This step is very important. We must have a certificate for all adults associated with our Pack.  If you have other adults dropping off or picking up your child we recommend that they also take this training.

There are other trainings on the eLearning site as well. Feel free to browse and complete any that appeal to you.

District Resources

Our districts website at Bull Run District offers training opportunities, including the monthly Roundtable events.

Council Resources

There are also training resources available on the council's website National Capitol Area Council. On this site is links to council sponsored trainings. 

Finally feel free to explore the internet or your local library for any other training resources that will make scouting fun.